Online voting is on now until November 30th at 8pm MT. Please follow the steps below to register and vote online: 

1. Sign up for a OneFeather account           

        Learn how by clicking this link: How to Create a OneFeather Account

2. Link your MNA Community

        Learn how by clicking this link: How to Link to MNA Community

3. Vote Online

       Click "Vote Now" and cast your ballot!


Additional Methods of Voting

In-Person Voting

From November 1st – 30th, there will be polling stations set up across all MNA Regions. There are 38 in-person polling locations that will be open on designated days from 8AM to 8PM. The full list of locations is listed below. Please update your contact information on the Home page or by calling +1 833-689-2022 to be notified once more information on polling stations is made available.

In-Person Voting – Polling Locations:

Filter location by selecting "Region" or "City". To find out directions, click on the desired location pin and select the location address to open up directions. Enter starting location and select "Get Directions".

Mail-In Voting

Mail-in ballots will be sent to all MNA Citizens, regardless of how they intend on voting, with instructions explaining how to vote. Mail-in ballots will be sent to the address on fi le with the MNA. If you have not already done so, please visit the Home page to update your address and contact information. If a mail-ballot is not received or if a replacement ballot is required, call +1 833-689-2022 to request one.

Note: If a mail-in ballot is requested, it must be requested no later than 10 days prior to the final day of the Ratification Vote. If you intend to vote by mail, please send your ballot back as soon as possible.


Voter Information

Who Can Vote

Any Citizen of the MNA & who is over the age of sixteen (16) on the Voting Day is eligible to be a voter. You do not need to pre-register to vote.


When to Vote

Voting is taking place November 1st – 30th. Online voting can be done at any time during the voting period. Citizens can also go to any in-person polling location to cast their ballot. If you are planning on voting via mail, please return your mail-in ballot as soon as possible.


Acceptable Identification

If you are voting in person, please bring either a Métis ID or any other government issued ID (federal, provincial/territorial, or local) with a photo, name, and current address. If you do not have this when you go to the polls, you will be provided a mail-in ballot to complete. The mail-in ballot will include an identifi cation section with an attestation to state that you are a citizen of the MNA.


Accessibility Accommodations 

We are able to arrange alternative voting methods depending on an individuals’ situation. Please call +1 833-689-2022 and provide your contact information, and we will connect with you prior to the voting period with further information. If you have any questions or need to reschedule, please call this number back.


Learn About the Voting Process



*This webpage will be updated regularly as more details on the vote become available.